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Please call ahead of time to get accurate prices on diamond settings

22k Gold Crowns

About Us   -    Located in Louisiana

Blalock's Dental Lab and Sharkey's Dental Lab have joined forces to bring back First and Claiborne.  The original manufacturer of gold teeth in America.  With experience unmatched by any other lab, we are able to provide same day service 6 days a week.  With offices in Baton Rouge,La. and Lafayette, La. we are able to care for any one who makes the trip.

Location and Office Hours

Baton Rouge, La. -  Located on Government St.  Office Hours are:  Mon. - Thurs.  9 a.m. to 4p.m. Lafayette, La.  -   Located on SW Evangeline Thruway.   Office Hours are:  Fri. - Sat.  9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

*** After 7/12/17 the Baton Rouge office will be closed for the rest of July. Lafayette office will be closed 7/14-7/15 *** We apologize for any future inconvenience. 

We encourage to call for directions or if you have  a big group.

Our products

Our crowns are made of the highest quality materials.  We use 22k gold to hand craft each crown.  Pure gold is 24k.  As you can see this is as pure of gold one can use for crowns without the crown being too soft.  Compare this with grills that are made mostly of 10k and 14k gold.  Grills are made of too hard of gold to be left in the mouth.  We actually have cases of clients coming in where the grills in their mouth have deformed the jaw bone!

Our white gold is made with the precious metal palladium.  Much like platinum this metal is soft enough to be left in the mouth, but durable to last.  Platinum is not cost effective so we use paladium. However, if you are willing to pay for the platinum, we can order it for you.

Our diamond settings are crafted with very high quality diamonds.  Each setting is placed by a jeweler to make sure that it is professional.  We are able to get any color diamond, ruby, emerald or any other gem you would like.  Once again, the prices are subject to change depending on gem and metal used.

As you can see the list of products available are endless.  If you can think it up, chances are we can make it.

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