1st and Claiborne Dental Lab

Please call ahead of time to get accurate prices on diamond settings

22k Gold Crowns

Prices and Product Gallery

Our line of gold teeth begin with a basic solid and open face crowns.
Solids        - $220
Open face - $240

*Same day service for all solids and open faces.
Our next line is white gold solid and open faces.
White gold solid          - $240
White gold open face  - $260

*Same day service on all white golds.
Our last line is all diamond, ruby, emeralds and other gemstones.  Prices on these vary accordingly.  Gemstones can be placed in yellow or white gold.

Solitaires, crushed, crushed pa vet , princess cut, and channel or the settings we offer.
Prices start at $800 each and vary.  Please call for pricing.

*Allow 7 to 10 working days for all diamond or gemstone settings.

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